N UCH Arctic Maples Crazy Canuck


Reg.nb: NO37156/12
Birth: 11.03.2012
Color: White/tan
Fur: Rough
Height: 29 cm
Bite: Sizzors, Full dentition
Patella luxation: 0/0
PLL: Free by DNA test
ECVO/Eye screening: None detected

From dog shows: Excellent, CK, CAC og BOS.

Crazy is a Norwegain Dog Show Champion (N UCH).

Crazy is available for suitable bitches.


Crazy loves everybody, both dogs and people. He also loves cats, especially if he can run after them! He is a curious little boy that loves to explore new things, and go new places. Crazys mother is Norwegian champion Fresh Field’s Morningstar Maud (Madde) , she is imported from the Netherlands. His father is multichampion Kanix Fast Track (Riff), he is imported from Denmark.

Mother: Norwegian Champion Fresh Field's Morningstar Maud - MADDE

Father: Multichampion Kanix Fast Track